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Using Pinterest for marketing photography business

Pinterest is a platform filled with countless photos covering various topics. It offers free registration for anyone to create their account, where they can browse through a vast collection of images and save the ones they like to their personalized mood board.

Using Pinterest for marketing photography business is a big opportunity. It might not be as popular as Instagram for promotion, but that’s what makes it even better for photographers looking for fresh ways to grow online.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, established in 2010, has 498 million active users (as of 2024), with 59% being women. On average, users spend 98 minutes per month on the site. Pinterest’s primary aim is to assist individuals in discovering, organizing, and saving online ideas. 

Looking at the name “Pinterest,” you can see what it’s all about: “Pin” (referring to the action of pinning) and “terest,” a shortened version of “interest,” merge to create “pin interest,” in a nutshell, it perfectly captures what the platform is all about.

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Basic concepts of Pinterest:

  • Pin
  • Board
  • Save
  • Create Pin

On Pinterest, a “Pin” refers to a photo or image you upload to your personal board.

A “Board” is a folder with a specific name and description, including keywords. The number of boards you can create is unlimited, and you can independently determine each board’s theme.

“Create Pin” means uploading a picture to one of your boards.

“Save” is similar to sharing or spreading content, much like you would on platforms like Facebook. When you click “Save,” you’re essentially pinning a photo already posted on Pinterest onto one of your own boards.

Similar to other social networks (like Instagram) on  Pinterest, you can subscribe to accounts and individual boards that interest you.

Popular search queries on Pinterest include wedding themes, cooking, interior design, and fashion.

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Using Pinterest for marketing photography business.

For photographers Pinterest offers remarkable opportunities for marketing their business. Given its emphasis on visual content, similar to Instagram, maintaining activity on the platform is essential.

Beyond establishing your presence as a photographer, Pinterest facilitates directing more traffic to your photography website, YouTube channel, Etsy store through clickable links you can embed in a Pin description. 

The success of your Pinterest page depends on the quality of your Pins. To increase likes and repins, focus on crafting visually captivating and engaging pins.

When you create Pins, think of them as an excellent addition to your photography portfolio. This could be where a potential client discovers you in the future. Also, don’t confine yourself to creating boards solely within your photography niche. Get creative and enrich your account with images and photos that align with similar themes.

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Using Pinterest For Marketing Photography Business

For instance, if you specialize in wedding photography, consider filling some of your Pinterest boards with images of wedding bouquets, dresses, hairstyles, and anything else that would assist brides seeking inspiration and valuable information on the site.

On my Pinterest account, I’ve curated numerous boards focusing on travel, branding, colors, personal style, interior design, and other topics that align with my personal brand.

Pinterest, a free social network with millions of users, undoubtedly includes some of your potential clients. So, start using Pinterest for marketing your photography business today. Registration only requires a few minutes, and the results will benefit you for a long time.

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