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ArsVie photo studio is a creative space specializing in branding photography, brand imagery, and styling, with an emphasis on elegance, art, and visual storytelling. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, small business owners,  artists and professionals create modern brand images that inspire, captivate, and allow them to stand out in a crowded market. Based in Alpharetta, GA serving clients in Atlanta and worldwide.

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Hi, there! I'm Elena

The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual branding photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful.

Elena Sullivan


Professional branding photos will work for your brand every day of the week. Even on your day off, when you are enjoying time with your family and friends, brand photos will be a powerful representation of your business and personality. Make your personal brand stand out with expressive and engaging photos.

Are you ready to elevate your personal brand?

My mission is to help you elevate your business to the next level by transforming its visual side. 









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Ways we can work together

Ways we can work together

Brand styling is about forming a unique visual voice of your brand and incorporating details to create imagery representing and communicating your brand values, ideas, mission, and vision of the future.

“Life is a constant movement,” and that is the main idea behind a lifestyle photoshoot. Complex posing is left behind, making space for real authentic emotions. Thus, resulting in joyful, cheerful photos that will help you to engage with your audience differently, showing the fun side of your personal brand. Indoors or outdoors.

SIGNATURE WORK! Flying dress is your silent, colorful assistant on your way of stepping in front of the camera. It’s that big step forward that you were planning to do so long. Now is your time to do this! 

Need help choosing the best outfit for your branding photoshoot? I am here to help you. Classy & elegant or casual & chic? Red, green, blue, yellow, or white? Should you go in a dress or a suit? We can meet in person or online and go through your wardrobe to pick the best outfit.

Videos for your business and personal brand. Includes vertical format that you can use in Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok.

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Professional lifestyle branding photos will help you share and communicate your brand’s stories and make it a flawless conversation.

Be visible

Having branding images you love will change how others see you and how you see yourself.

Stay inspired

With a personal collection of brand images truly representing you and your business, you’ll be inspired to constantly create marketing content for your brand.

Branding Photos

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ArsVie the origin

When I set on my journey to conceptualize a photo studio’s brand name, I wanted to find a word that reflects my deep connection with art and aesthetics. ArsVie has it all. “Ars” in Latin means Art and “Vie” in French – Life, and combined with a “photo studio” it stands for a creative space, gentle approach, and profound effect that photography has on our life and business. 

Branding Photography

Personal branding photography is for everyone interested in growing their business, extending their message, and attracting dream clients. Are you a life coach, author, real estate agent, makeup, hairstylist, yoga, fitness instructor, interior designer, fashion stylist, or public figure looking to grow a strong visual presence online? Brand photos will serve you on your social media and podcasts and as a background and filling images on your website. ArsVie is here to support you as you elevate your business to the next level!

Lets get started

Ready to Level Up The Way You're Showing Up?

I would love to hear from you and create aesthetically pleasing imagery for your brand. Send me an email, share your goals about your brand, and let’s create together.

Step by step

branding photoshoot process


Contact me

The first essential step, send me an email, tell me a little about your business and the goal for a branding photo session.


Discuss & plan

I will support you every step along the way. Mood boards, creative props, branding-session plan, lifestyle posing.


Enjoy the results

You will receive a collection of digital photos via email. Easy to download and ready to be integrated on your web, podcast, and social media. 

Showing the Love

Success Stories

Let’s make you shine

Branding photoshoot with a fine art touch for modern creatives, professionals and business owners





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A collection of aesthetic branding images and design elements for every occasion

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Hi, there!

I’m Elena Sullivan


The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual branding photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful. Based in Alpharetta, GA Serving clients and photographing brand stories in Atlanta and worldwide.