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One special ingredient of a successful personal branding photoshoot

You can have the best branding photoshoot plan, but if you lack this one special ingredient, your plan might not bring the desired result. And this one special ingredient is your energy. This broad term relates to many realms of life (physics included), but in the human body, energy transmits through emotions, feelings, vibes, and moods. How you feel, the vibrations you surround yourself with, and the mood you generate within you will all show up on photos in an invisible way, but the one you will feel. The emotions and feelings you exuded during the photo shoot will resonate with you when you look through the photos. 

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Let me give you a simple example. Remember one of your happy vacations, the one you enjoyed tremendously, during which you had lots of fun and new amazing experiences and took many photos. Now, back at home, sitting on a sofa or lying in bed, relaxing after a hard working day, you hold your phone and scroll through those happy photos. How do you feel looking at them? Happy?! I hope so, and this means that you had a wonderful time on your vacation; you exuded so much positive vibration that even weeks, months later, you can still feel it. You see and feel the happiness you experienced and captured with a phone camera. The same pattern applies for a branding photoshoot. When you feel happy, relaxed, inspired, and cheerful during the photo shoot, you will feel the same after when looking at photos. Which means you will be satisfied with your brand photos. 

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The word photography means “drawing with light” with the origin from the two Greek words: “phōtós” – translated as light and “graphê ” – drawing. Photography captures light that is all around you and me and everyone else. And it also captures a very special light that shines from within every person. We might call this light differently, using mood, vibes, and emotions as the most common and easily digestible terms. But its function doesn’t change. You can’t see it, touch it or explain it with objective words, though you can feel it. The vibes you bring with you on the photoshoot will be reflected in your photos.

photography is about light painting

So, the day before your branding photoshoot, relax, meditate, pamper yourself: get a massage, watch positive videos, listen to an inspirational podcast, or read a cheerful book. Feed your mind with good information, joyful words, and aesthetically pleasing visuals. It will help you set the right mood for your branding photoshoot and generate positive vibes around you. 

pamper and love yourself

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