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Three free tools for your personal branding

 Following are 3 free tools you can use for your personal branding. 

1. Your personal style

It’s the most visible element that characterizes your personality and, thus, personal brand. It’s a kind of nonverbal language that will speak about your brand before you speak about it. 

use personal style for branding

2. Your voice

You have to speak up if you want to promote your personal brand. Your voice is always with you. It’s free. You don’t have to pay for it; there is no subscription fee, no annual renewals. It’s what you already own. Speak up and use your voice to share your personal brand message, values, and goals. 

your voice personal branding tool

3. Your story

We all have a story, and yours is unique; thus, your personal brand story is unique because the personal brand is based on personality. Your brand, your personality, your story. Own it and know there is no right or wrong way of sharing a story. The way you share your story, the style you choose to narrate it, and the words you use will add uniqueness and ultimately help you stand out in a saturated market. 

personal branding style

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