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Artist branding photoshoot

Flowers are blooming everywhere, birds are chirping, and sunlight feels especially pleasing and wraps you with warmth. Spring is charming and hopeful. 

On one of such beautiful days, I did an artist branding photoshoot for Francoise Lama-Solet, a French artist who lives and creates in the Atlanta area. Her art is cheerful and joyful as every sunny day. She paints flowers, nature, and colorful abstracts. And as a teenager, she started sewing and continued because she loved creating elegant and easy-to-wear clothing. Then, moving to the US, she opened her fashion brand, and nowadays, her dresses, skirts, and hand-painted scarves are very popular with everyone who appreciates quality, art, and uniqueness. 

During the branding photoshoot, we discussed her art and the hardships of building an artist’s brand. She shared some insights in the interview that I published on the “Fine Art is Lifestyle” website. Being an artist and branding yourself as an artist are two sides of the same coin. Both of these activities require perseverance, and a creative approach is solving tasks. She says she would instead create all the time, but marketing, branding, and sales are also crucial in striving as an artist. And so, she tries to balance all that and enjoy moments of pure creation when she is at her studio painting, sewing, or hand-printing her scarves.  

I got inspired by her art and was happy to do her artist branding photoshoot, which took place at her home in the Atlanta area, GA. Want to see more of her art? Visit her website, where she regularly shares her paintings, fashion clothing, and upcoming workshops. 

As an Atlanta branding photographer, I enjoy taking lifestyle photos that show people in action, doing what they love, and thus cheerful. You probably heard words like “If you do what you love, you don’t have to work a day in your life” because work becomes something creative and infuses every day with challenging joy. Thus, lifestyle photography is the best option for creatives, aspiring business owners, and entrepreneurs who love what they do. 


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