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Lifestyle clothing brand photoshoot

One of the essential goals of branding is to create a comprehensive story around your brand. Whether you are a life coach, real estate agent, travel blogger, or yoga teacher, your business needs to have a story that engages your clients. The same applies to a clothing brand with designers and distributors behind the scenes. Showing your personality in photos sends your customers a message about your openness to communicate and that you are proud of your work and service. Personalized branding photos work for you while you sleep.  

I did this lifestyle clothing brand photoshoot in Cancun. The online store owner, Daniella, contacted me two months prior, giving us enough time to discuss the main idea and plan a photoshoot. The location was near the hotel she stayed. In two hours, she was able to change several outfits and accessories. After receiving the photos, she used them to create a unique visual story on her social media and online store. 

Doing a lifestyle clothing brand photoshoot will give your brand a real boost in visual marketing. It takes time to prepare, but the result will help you stand out in a saturated market. 

I’m Elena, the owner of an ArsVie photo studio, and I offer professional photoshoots for clothing brands in Alpharetta, GA, and within 30 miles range. 


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I ‘m Elena Sullivan


The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual product photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful. Based in Alpharetta, GA Serving clients and photographing brand stories in Atlanta and worldwide.