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Yoga branding photoshoot

Peace, balance, and light – are three powerful words that came to mind when I started planning a yoga photoshoot for Dawn Torres from Dakini Healing. My goal was to capture her inner light that elicited the gentle strength of her spirit and feminine kindness. She was open to interacting with my camera most genuinely, and I was ready to take artistic yoga photos for her personal brand “Dakini Healing.” 

I practice yoga every second day and have been enjoying it for seven years. So, I know that yoga can revitalize your life and help generate harmony. And a yoga photoshoot shows a positive outcome yoga presents to everyone eager to practice it. 

Although this photoshoot took place in Tulum, Mexico, where I lived nine years, now I am based in Alpharetta, GA, and am open to traveling 30-40 miles within it to do a yoga photoshoot. 


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I ‘m Elena Sullivan


The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual product photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful. Based in Alpharetta, GA Serving clients and photographing brand stories in Atlanta and worldwide.