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You are on the right page if you are looking for an Alpharetta photographer. A beautiful, small town in Georgia, Alpharetta has many lovely locations for photo sessions in a different styles. Downtown, parks, coffee shops, and studios are the most trending. I share more information in this article, so keep reading, and I hope it will help you plan your photo session in Alpharetta. But first, let me introduce myself.

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Hi, there!

My name is Elena, and I am an Alpharetta photographer. I specialize in personal branding photography, brand assistance, visual styling, and image consulting. I have been taking photos for over 15 years, nine of which are in Cancun, Mexico. You can view my Caribbean portfolio by clicking on the following link. Nowadays, I reside in Alpharetta, where I help solo entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and creatives transform and upgrade the visual side of their businesses. 


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It’s difficult to overestimate the power of visuals in branding, marketing, and advertising a business. The right image can tell a story about your brand without saying a word. A professional headshot, business portrait, or lifestyle branding photo stands for your personal brand even when you have a day off or vacationing with your family. 

Your brand photos are a silent visual assistants that are always online and never rest, representing 

the essence of your personal brand. 

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Doing photo sessions as an Alpharetta photographer, I learned a lot about this cozy, green town. I am constantly amazed by the visual diversity available in most of the sites around it. Even within one spot, taking multiple photos from different angles is possible, elevating the imaginative process essential for creative photography. The best time for an outdoor photo session in Alpharetta is morning or afternoon. My favorite time of the day is from 8-11 AM when the light is very and streets; parks are less crowded. The timeline is less important for the indoor photo session, especially if your studio has big windows with lots of natural light. Personal branding photoshoots in Alpharetta can be done in your office or studio.

 As an Alpharetta photographer, I can meet you there and do a photo shoot that will include branding photos and business portraits. When planning a branding photoshoot, pay attention to the time of the day. The best hours will be when your office or studio has lots of natural light. Soft light from the windows adds brightness and joyfulness to a photoshoot ambiance. That is important if you want photos full of life, easiness, and welcoming vibes. On a cloudy or rainy day, indoor light is not bright enough to create a lifestyle, easy ambiance. The solution is either enhancing it with additional light from flashes, video lights diffused with softboxes, or rescheduling a photoshoot.  

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If you work from home and have a room designed specifically for business and creative purposes, we can take branding photos there. For example, I recently did an artist branding photoshoot for a French painter Francoise, who works at her home studio. It was a sunny spring day, and I took many photos that showed her creativity and workflow. Her home studio, which we used as a photoshoot location, added a personalized touch to every image. She had a great time being in front of the camera, and the result was very candid branding photos. 

You work, create, and spend many hours in your studio or office. It’s designed to your taste and decorated with details that show your individuality. Thus, that’s the place where you feel comfortable. And such friendly vibes will help you relax in front of the camera. Ultimately, what can better show your business and creative personality as your studio or office?  

Another option for a photoshoot location is to rent a space, whether a professional photo studio or a designer apartment. Multiple options in different areas of Alpharetta and around could be found on AirBnB or PeerSpace. 

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ArsVie photo studio

Lifestyle photo session with Alpharetta photographer

A lifestyle photoshoot sometimes called a candid photoshoot, is ideal for anyone who wants photos shining with life, movement, and action. As an Alpharetta photographer, I specialize in lifestyle photo sessions, and we can do it indoors or outdoors. 

When you plan a branding photoshoot in Alpharetta, Georgia, or any other town, start by conceptualizing a short description of your brand. One easy exercise that can help you in the process is creating a list of words (think in adjectives) that best describe your brand. After you complete it, pick three words from the list that are the most descriptive and important. Those are the ones that characterize the style of your future branding photoshoot. If you include words like cheerful, joyful, inspiring, encouraging, fresh, and outgoing, a lifestyle photoshoot will be an excellent option for your brand. 

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My mission is to help you elevate your business  to the next level by transforming its visual side.

Ready to create together?

In Alpharetta, many locations are suitable for a lifestyle photo session, with parks being the most popular. If your business brand is associated with health, wellness, spirituality, fitness, or yoga, then a park or other recreational area should be included in a list of possible locations. There are over 25 parks in Alpharetta. Among them are:

  • Wills park
  • Big Creek Greenway
  • Hembree park
  • Brooke Street Park
  • Webb Bridge Park

Choose the one you like, and let’s plan your lifestyle branding photoshoot in Alpharetta. I also offer lifestyle photo sessions as an Atlanta branding photographer in the Atlanta area and Roswell, Milton, Cumming, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs.

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Photoshoot in Alpharetta
Alpharetta photoshoot location

Step by step

branding photoshoot process


Contact me

The first essential step, send me an email, tell me a little about your business and the goal for a branding photo session.


Discuss & plan

I will support you every step along the way. Mood boards, creative props, branding-session plan, lifestyle posing.


Enjoy the results

You will receive a collection of digital photos via email. Easy to download and ready to be integrated on your web, podcast, and social media. 

ArsVie photo studio


review about ArsVie photo studio

Nicole Perkins, Intuitive business coach

” Thank you again for this shoot! It truly upleveled my brand! Not that I *needed* it but I’m SO HAPPY I have it. If that makes sense? You are truly a genius and I didn’t even know I’d enjoy it this much!! Can’t wait to do it again.” ❤️

arsvie photo studio reviews from life coach

Alma Gonzalez, life coach “ama tu cuerpo con alma”

“Elena creates art through her photographs! I admire her talent, along with her professionalism, creativity and patience. Thank you for inspiring me, for photographing me and for creating a piece of art through your camera.”

review about studio from Artist

Francoise lama-solet, artist&fashion brand owner

“I absolutely love, love the pictures! Thank you so much. You attention to details and aesthetic is fantastic!”

ArsVie packages

Alpharetta branding photography

Le début package

$ 490
  • initial consultation 
  • 1 hour Photo session
  • 40 digital images
  • videos for reels

* Prices are subject to change at any time

La Prime Package

$ 790
  • initial consultation 
  • 2 hours photo session
  • 60 digital images
  • videos for reels

The FAQ's

I live in Alpharetta, GA, and am open to travel 30 miles within it.  

My in-office hours are MON-FRI, 9 AM-6 PM EST. You can expect a reply within 24 hours. If we have a photoshoot scheduled on the weekend, I will stay in touch; please don’t worry!

I work with high-end Nikon photo cameras and lenses. I must admit I am one of the biggest fans of this photo company!

My primary location is Alpharetta, GA. I also do branding  photoshoots in Atlanta, Buckhead, Roswell, Cumming, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, and anywhere 30 miles within Alpharetta.
A branding photoshoot can be done outdoors or indoors, in a photo studio, or in your office/studio.

Yes, all travel expenses are based on the distance between Alpharetta, GA, and a chosen photoshoot location. The following destinations are subject to flat fees:

Atlanta – $80

Roswell – $40

Milton – $40

Cumming – $50

Sandy Springs – $50

Johns Creek – $50

Travel fees will be added to the total sum of the photoshoot.

Can’t find your destination location? Contact me for details. 

The duration of a branding photoshoot can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the shots, the number of locations, and your specific requirements. The most popular photoshoots last 1 to 2 hours. I’m flexible and can adjust the duration based on your preferences.
It’s essential that we discuss your vision and expectations beforehand to ensure we’ll have enough time to achieve the desired results.

Absolutely! Yes, I’m here to help you with posing during the photoshoot. Posing can feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera, but don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide gentle guidance and direction throughout the session to ensure you look and feel your best in every shot. We’ll start by finding poses that complement your natural body language and highlight your unique personality. Feel free to express any preferences or concerns you have, and together, we’ll create stunning images that reflect your authenticity.

No, these services are not included, but I know amazing makeup and hair stylists who I trust will do a great job for you. Send me a short note saying, “Elena, I need your recommendations for hair and makeup artists,” and I’ll answer with their contacts. 

I deliver digital images within three weeks of your photo session date. If you are in a rush, I offer a priority editing service of $ 250 for a four days turnaround.

After we set up the date, location, and time the next step will be to sign a contract and pay a 50% nonrefundable retainer. The final balance is due two-three days before the photoshoot. 

I highly recommend booking your photoshoot three-four weeks in advance. This ensures you get the desired date and have enough time to prepare for your branding photoshoot. 

After we set up the date, location, and time the next step will be to sign a contract and pay a nonrefundable retainer. Always read the contract and ASK ME any questions! The final balance is due two-three days before the photoshoot. 

Return clients will always receive 10% off any photo package. 

I take on a limited number of collaborations yearly. When choosing, I prioritize the brand’s visual aesthetics (it should also match my audience) and authentic engagement. 

I love sharing photos and stories of my clients on my website so that others can get inspired by their example. I believe inspiration and beautiful images should be shared to spread positive vibes that can lift other women’s spirits. Do you agree that our world needs more elegance, beauty, and encouragement? Then, let’s make that happen. I also retain the copyright to the photos and the right to use them for promotional materials, competitions, professional reviews, and so on. However, if, for some personal reason, you would like to avoid your photos being published on any of my platforms, notify me about it in advance. Although I would feel sad about it, I respect your privacy and won’t publish any of them. 

No, a photographer (artist) retains the copyright for all photos. In my case, it’s me, Elena Sullivan, owner, and lead photographer at ArsVie photo studio. Copyright means that I’m the creator of the photos, and I own the copyright. Selling and obtaining the copyright is impossible, but you can print and share your photos as much as you like. 

You can publish photos on your social media and websites, include them in personal videos, print them, and use them for personal business marketing and advertising campaigns. However, you can’t sell photos for profit. And suppose you want to use them in magazines, newspapers, or other print media. In that case, you must notify me via email, get my written permission and mention my photo studio and photographer’s name alongside every photo.

You will receive a link to a private gallery with unedited digital photos five to seven days after your photoshoot. From this gallery, you can choose the number included in your package or upgrade to all the images I show in the gallery. I don’t display all unedited (RAW) images.
I ask that you select your photos within one week of your gallery delivery.
After you select the photos, I will do a final retouch during the following 10-15 days.

The photos will be delivered to your email with a link to your online gallery. From there, you can download your photos, share the link with friends/family, and share on social media. You will have access to the gallery for one month. Make sure to download the photos within that time frame.

After your gallery is deleted, there’s a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads. I maintain a copy of your photos for one year, after which they are permanently removed. As soon as you have a link for your digital photo gallery, I recommend making at least one copy of your download on a USB/External Hard Drive/Laptop/Desktop.

The RAW images from your gallery are available for purchase at the total price of your photoshoot. 

My goal is to edit your images as close to how it was on the day of the photoshoot. This includes a color correction to look natural, your skin tones look great, and the colors sing. I avoid thick vintage or faded presets and take an editorial approach with a slight touch of the film feel to make your photos timeless.

No, the high-resolution images don’t have any watermarks. 

Yes, we can during a business week, MON-FRI, 9 AM-6 PM EST.

You can reschedule within two months of your originally booked date if you tested positive for COVID-19 before the photoshoot date. I have included a COVID rescheduling and cancellation policy in my contract. The retainer is nonrefundable. 

When planning for a photoshoot outdoors, we can control everything, apart from the weather. The only way to predict it is by following the weather forecast, which sometimes gives inaccurate information; nevertheless, I use it to plan outdoor photoshoots. If it shows 80% of rain in the area of a photoshoot, we can reschedule in the next 2-3 weeks. When the radar shows 60% or less, I recommend following our initial plan. Luck helps and smiles at brave and courageous!

say hello 

And so it begins...

It all starts with an inquiry! I have an easy-to-use contact form on this website where you can fill out basic information and press submit. Yes! We’re one step closer to working together. Now give me 24 hours to read your email and respond. 

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Hi, there!

I ‘m Elena Sullivan


The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual product photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful. Based in Alpharetta, GA Serving clients and photographing brand stories in Atlanta and worldwide.