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TRavel blogger photoshoot

Since humans invented means of transportation, traveling has become a way to practice freedom, explore the world and change one’s life. And photography allows us to capture and share with others adventurous moments on a journey to a new destination. 

Travel blogger branding photoshoot is more than just showing the ambiance and the sightseeing spots. It’s about the essence of the trip itself and the individuality of the traveler; thus, it should unveil the emotional and aesthetic side of what a traveler experience. 

In her first message, travel blogger Savannah mentioned it would be her first solo trip to Tulum in Mexico and wanted to do a branding photoshoot. Nowadays, Tulum is a popular travel destination where you can visit Mayan pyramids, try authentic Mexican food, and appreciate lush, verdant nature. And that is what Savannah wanted to see in her branding photos – nature. 

Travel blogger photoshoot is about telling a story that shows your readers:  

  • What did you see?
  • How did you feel in the place?
  • Why it made you wonder? 
  • What got your attention?

Visual branding creates a story with no words and exclamation marks. Instead, it uses images consciously arranged in a sequence that leads you to a point where you want to experience what you just saw. It energizes you with uplifting emotions and empowers you to step forward, lift your head and apply your talent to exploring new horizons.

I’m Elena, the owner of an ArsVie photo studio, and I offer travel blogger photoshoots in Alpharetta, GA, and within 30 miles range.


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