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You probably know the famous saying “The greatest wealth is health,” coined by a Roman poet Virgil 2000 years ago. Industrial and scientific revolutions that happened after changed human life dramatically, but health is still the greatest wealth and will always be. Regularly practicing fitness is a great way to maintain a healthy body, energize your spirit, and feel inspired. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to use fitness as one of the health synonyms. 

While doing a personal branding fitness photoshoot for Stephanie, we talked about other benefits of fitness, such as improved brain work, reduced risk of heart disease, and strengthened bones and muscles. So much profit for a relatively small investment of time. She shared her journey of becoming a fitness coach and how it changed her life for the better. 

Her personal branding fitness photoshoot turned into an exciting, fun, and joyful experience we both enjoyed. And that’s one of my goals with every branding photoshoot – an easy and effortless process that brings positive results and photos that shows your uniqueness and professionalism. 

Branding photos work for you non-stop, 24 hours per day! Even when you are relaxing, sleeping, busy with kids, or on vacation, they work for you by displaying your brand magic. Think of them as your silent assistant and promoter that elevated your business. 

I’m Elena, the owner of an ArsVie photo studio, and I offer branding fitness photoshoots in Alpharetta, GA, and within 30 miles range. 


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Hi, there!

I ‘m Elena Sullivan


The founder of ArsVie photo studio, a trilingual product photographer, online educator, woman in business cheerleader, personal style enthusiast and devotee of all things beautiful. Based in Alpharetta, GA Serving clients and photographing brand stories in Atlanta and worldwide. 

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