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Wellness coach branding photoshoot

Everyone agrees that feeling good is great! The question here is, what does it take to feel that way daily? It’s not a mystery or a puzzle, rather it’s a repeated set of healthy daily actions. And wellness is about that. Karen Holden is a health and wellness coach, and on her blog “Living well with Karen Holden” and online courses, she talks about creating sustainable good health. And that is essential for feeling good! 

She planned her wellness coach branding photoshoot in a beautiful location – Isla Mujeres, Mexico, an island in the Caribbean Sea that vibrates with colors, greenery, and joy. 

One of the most valued things about being your own boss is the ability to make your own schedule. Thus, combining a beach vacation with a personal branding photoshoot is a good option for busy entrepreneurs and wellness coaches. And to make it stress-free and timewise, book a photo session with a branding photographer in advance. 


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