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Creative Rain photoshoot results in black and white photos

A rain photoshoot can be a thrilling and creatively fulfilling experience, but protecting your camera from water damage is essential. If you have a waterproof camera, you can confidently take photos even when it’s pouring rain. However, traditional professional SLR cameras like Nikon or Canon need to be protected from the rain.

When I use my Nikon for underwater photography, I put it in a specialized Ikelite box. However, this box isn’t suitable for rain photoshoots because it’s heavy, making it challenging to handle.

how to do a rainy photoshoot
Camera settings: ISO 1000 - F 4.5 - 1/320 A long shutter speed “blurs” rainwater, thereby creating the effect of movement.

How I did a rain photoshoot

Since I got my first professional camera in 2007, I’ve dreamed of doing a rain photoshoot during the summer or autumn. I didn’t have a specific timeframe in mind; instead, I simply dreamed of capturing the beauty of rain with my camera. I envisioned these images as romantic and tender, intending to convert them to black and white, as I deeply appreciate monochrome photography.

I initially thought of doing a rainy day photoshoot in the context of capturing a couple’s dynamics. I envisioned inviting a young, adventurous couple who were open to creative experiments to participate. The plan was to conduct the rain photoshoot in one of the city’s parks. I imagined using a transparent umbrella as a prop with raindrops streaming down its surface.

Captivated by the idea, I began compiling scenarios, potential poses and collecting inspiring images in my Pinterest mood board. In 2009, I was convinced I would conduct a rainy-day-photoshoot in St. Petersburg.

However, my life took an exciting turn in 2013. After I said “Yes!” to my big dream of solo travel and with a collection of one-way tickets, I traveled in Spain and then moved to Mexico.

black and white rain photoshoot
Camera settings - ISO 1000 — F 4.5 — 1/320

There, one day, I found myself organizing a rain photoshoot in Playa del Carmen, not far from Cancun, despite the area’s reputation for scarce rainy days. This experience highlighted the unpredictable nature of pursuing creative opportunities and demonstrated how embracing change can lead to unexpected and remarkable outcomes in both professional and personal life.

On the day of our outdoor photoshoot in the rain, the weather had been sunny all morning and early afternoon. Despite it being October, which typically marks the rainy season in Mexico, there were no signs of rain. After lunch, I met my friend model, Anna, to capture images for my articles on outdoor posing. After two productive hours, we had successfully taken all the planned shots.

rainy day photoshoot
Camera settigns - ISO 2500 — F 2.8 — 1/1000
rainy day photoshoot portrait
Camera settings - ISO 2500 — F 2.8 — 1/1000
rainy photoshoot model posing
Camera settings - ISO 2500 — F 2.8 — 1/1000

As we were wrapping up and leaving the secluded area where we had been taking photos, it started drizzling. We hadn’t noticed the approaching storm since we were in an area shielded from the sea. However, being a creative adventurer, I saw an opportunity and suggested to Anna that we continue the photoshoot in the rain.

Anna agreed, and I quickly retrieved my Nikon D750 camera equipment with a Nikkor 70-200 lens. As we began taking photos, the light rain intensified into a downpour, making it impossible for me to stay outside with the camera. Fortunately, my telephoto lens allowed me to stay far from her and still take photos. While I remained under the roof protected from the rain, Anna posed under the pouring rain, and as she later confirmed, having fun 🙂 ! I took photos from both near and far by adjusting the focal length.

Fortunately, the weather was warm during the photoshoot, allowing the model to get wet without feeling cold. Anna posed for about half an hour despite the rain. I actively contributed ideas for lifestyle poses that were partially inspired by her energy and uplifting mood. 

creative rainy photoshoot
photoshoot under the rain
Camera settings - ISO 2500 - F 2.8 - 1/1000. A short shutter speed “freezes” the drops, separating them from each other.
rain photoshoot black and white photos
Camera settings - ISO 1000 — F 4.5 — 1/320
rainy photoshoot
Camera settings - ISO 2500 — F 2.8 — 1/1000

Tips for a successful rainy-day photoshoot

  • Choose the warm season for the shoot to ensure models are comfortable and can pose freely.
  • Plan the photoshoot in advance. Decide on how and where you will stand relative to the model.
  • Consider having an assistant hold an umbrella if you need to move around during the photoshoot.
  • Experiment with different shutter speeds to capture unique effects like frozen raindrops or flowing water.
  • Advise models to bring a change of clothes and shoes in case they get wet.
  • Try using short and long shutter speeds to capture different aspects of the rain.
  • Embrace creativity and enjoy the process!

These tips will help maximize your rain photoshoot while ensuring everyone stays comfortable and safe.

*All pictures posted in this article were taken by ArsVie Photo Studio. You cannot copy or share these images without permission from ArsVie Photo Studio.


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