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Empowering Flying Dress Photoshoot Mexico City

Meet Alma, Paola, Guadalupe and Alexandra! I did an empowering flying dress photo shoot in Mexico City with the help of my friend Alma. Yes!! Ladies, community matters! There is still time to build friendships and have meaningful communication. 

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You put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and learn to feel comfortable; that’s how you grow. You stand in the middle of the big city (Mexico City has a population of 28 mln people) and learn to feel beautiful. You displace the fear by acting despite it. You displace the “not enoughness” feeling by doing something beautiful for yourself and placing yourself first. You displace “What will they think about me?” thoughts by acting despite it. And you learn that on the opposite side of fear is safe and peaceful. Interesting details and feedback about a flying dress photoshoot in Mexico City are in the following article. 

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