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Tips for Owner and dogs photoshoot outdoors

I love creative photoshoots, so I was thrilled when one of my clients, Christina, mentioned her idea of doing an owner and dogs photoshoot. Christina and her husband, were celebrating their wedding anniversary in Playa del Carmen. The photoshoot with their two dogs, Chiki and Bandito, was planned to coincide with this special occasion.

As Christina and her husband Hiram strolled to the hotel where the photoshoot was scheduled, they attracted the attention of everyone they passed by, thanks to their adorable dogs.

The selection of the hotel wasn’t random. A year ago, they exchanged wedding vows on the hotel’s verdant terrace. And now, we were back for a photo session with their beloved dogs. The hotel owners allowed us to do the owner and dogs photoshoot in exchange for a few photographs. Leveraging cross-marketing opportunities like this is among the most effective methods to promote your photography business. For insights into other marketing strategies for photographers, explore the Photography Business section on my blog.

couple and dogs photoshoots
cute dog photoshoot
Chiki and Bandito

We scheduled the photoshoot for an early evening when the air was crisp, and the courtyard was covered in even light. Doing an owner and dogs photoshoot in natural settings demands meticulous timing from the photographer, much like any other outdoor photoshoot. If you start taking photos when the sun is high can result in harsh shadows on your subjects’ faces and bodies, and cause them to squint their eyes due to the intense sun. Hence, arranging sessions early in the morning or sunset is preferable. Light is one of the most important elements in photography. The term “photography” originates from Greek culture and means “painting with light,” emphasizing the photographer’s need for delicate handling of this essential component.

dos and family photoshoot alpharetta
dogs photoshoots
romantic couple photoshoot with dogs alpharetta

I captured numerous images during this owner and dogs photoshoot in a natural setting, which lasted about two hours. Chiki and Bandito, the stunning dogs, remained calm for most of the photoshoot. Towards the end, Chiki got tired, affecting how she was acting. Despite efforts from Christina and Hiram to lift her spirits, nothing seemed to work. It became evident that our owner and dogs photoshoot came to an end. While their dogs rested comfortably under a palm tree, I took individual photos of Christina and Hiram. Overall, we were all delighted with the outcome of the session.

When Christina got the photos, she wrote back saying, “Wow, these photos are amazing! I’m actually surprised—I look great in all of them! Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments.” It felt really good to read her kind words.

couple photoshoot with dog
family photoshoot with dog
dog owner photoshoot atlanta
Christina with Chiki

Tips for Organizing an owner and dog photoshoot:

  1. Consider the possibility of the dog being restless, which may make posing challenging. Plan your photoshoot timing accordingly.
  2. Ask the dog owner to bring their dog’s favorite treats, which can help to grab the dog’s attention or reward them after posing.
  3. Remember that dogs can only maintain eye contact with the camera for a short period of time. Keep your camera ready to capture interesting emotions during the dog photoshoot.
  4. Dogs might have trouble staying still for long periods. When they do, it usually lasts only a few seconds.
  5. Dogs can get tired quickly, and they may not vocalize it. Instead, they’ll show signs through their behavior.
cute dog and owner photoshoot
couple and dogs photoshoot beach
owners and dogs photoshoot on the beach

*All pictures posted in this article were taken by Elena Sullivan founder of ArsVie Photo Studio. You cannot copy or share these images without permission from ArsVie Photo Studio.

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