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Tips on what to write on your photographer’s About Me page

When choosing a photographer, clients prioritize viewing the portfolio, reading the reviews, and reading the photographers “About Me Page.” That’s the sequence that was described by most of my clients. 

Your story published on your photo website’s “About Me” page is the invisible emotional connection that, along with your portfolio and other marketing strategies, can help clients understand whether you are the right choice for them.

photography about me what to write

At the start of my professional photography career, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of subtle promotion and creating emotional connections. However, through personal experiences, reading professional literature, and watching educational videos, I realized that the sales process begins long before a potential client reaches out. It made me understand the importance of effective communication and storytelling in attracting clients.

The story on my first photographer’s “About Me Page” was brief and to the point: “Welcome to my website! I’m Elena Sullivan, a professional wedding, family, and portrait photographer serving clients in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.” I obviously thought brevity was vital in conveying professionalism.

The second photographer’s “About Me Page” was more informative. However, it was filled with facts, lacking in warmth and personality.

While data is important, it lacks emotion. Selling art, whether it’s photography sessions or any other form of creative expression, goes beyond simply presenting a product or service. It involves infusing a personal touch into every aspect of the process. This personal touch sets apart one photography artist from another in the eyes of potential clients.

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The photographer’s About Me Page on my website offers clients the chance to understand me as both a person and a creative professional. It serves as a platform for sharing my journey into photography, highlighting pivotal moments that shaped my career, discussing my sources of inspiration, and providing insight into the artistic world behind my photos.

Tips on what to write on your Photographer's About Me Page.


Blend emotions with facts when crafting your “Photographer’s About Me Page.” Share what drove you to become a photographer. Were you searching for your passion? Did you feel drawn to photography as a vocation? Was it a risky leap, and what inspired that choice? Perhaps a significant event shaped your journey into photography. Delve into these emotional aspects alongside facts to create a compelling narrative of your path to becoming a photographer.

how to make photography about me page
Share your experiences

Don’t hesitate to share your story openly. Your experiences, struggles, and triumphs shape who you are as a photographer and person. When I wrote my article “How Curiosity Helped Me Overcome Fear And Start My Photo Business” I was initially apprehensive about discussing my fears with the public. It takes courage to confront your fears, and that courage grows from facing them head-on. However, I received many positive messages in response to the article. People appreciate authenticity and vulnerability. By sharing your story, you connect with your audience on a deeper level and inspire others who may be going through similar experiences. So, don’t hold back! Share your story, and you’ll soon see a positive outcome.

Add your portrait

Enhance your story with your professional portraits. A well-crafted portrait can convey more than a thousand words, capturing the essence of your journey and personality. Your professional photos serve as visual storytellers, offering viewers a glimpse into your world and inviting them to connect with you on a deeper level. By incorporating these portraits into your narrative, you add visual interest and enrich the storytelling experience, allowing your audience to see the person behind the words.

my photography journey overcoming fear

Incorporating meaningful quotes into your story can add depth and resonance. As you craft your narrative, consider integrating quotes that resonate with your experiences and values, enhancing the connection with your audience. These quotes should align with the themes and emotions expressed in your story, adding an extra layer of significance. Remember, certain quotes hold a special place in our hearts, speaking to us on a profound level. Select quotes that personally resonate with you, ones that enhance your story’s essence, creating a captivating and inspiring narrative.

photographers about me page

Questions to inspire your creative process for the "About Me" page.

  1. What inspired me to become a photographer?
  2. What sets my photography style apart from others?
  3. What values and principles guide my work?
  4. How do I connect with clients on a personal level?
  5. What milestones or experiences have shaped my journey as a photographer?
  6. What do I hope to convey to visitors through my “About Me” page?
  7. What emotions or feelings do I want to evoke in readers?
  8. How can I showcase my personality and authenticity through my writing?
  9. What do I want visitors to remember or take away from reading my photographer’s “About Me” page?
  10. What initially sparked my interest in photography?
  11. Can I recall a specific moment or experience that solidified my passion for photography?
  12. How do I feel when I’m behind the camera capturing moments?
  13. What emotions do I hope to evoke in my clients through my photography?
  14. What challenges have I faced as a photographer, and how have they shaped me?
  15. What do I love most about the art of photography?
  16. How does photography allow me to express myself creatively?
  17. What values do I prioritize in my personal and professional life, and how do they influence my work?
  18. How do I envision my photography making a positive impact on the lives of others?
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We humans are wired to trust those with whom we share commonalities.

Thus, blend personal stories with professional insights on your photographer’s About Me Page. While clients may emphasize professionalism in their search for a photographer, the human connection plays a vital role in decision-making. People perceive stories through emotions, so incorporate facts that evoke them. By intertwining personal and professional elements, you create a narrative that resonates with your audience deeply, fostering trust and connection.

Stay inspired,

Elena Sullivan 


Get ready to be inspired as I discuss how staying curious, being creative, and saying “YES!” to adventures that involve exploring what’s behind the comfort zone helps develop courage, embrace one’s true self, and navigate life’s challenges. Join me in uncovering the power of these transformative experiences and discover how they can ignite your own journey toward confidence and fulfillment.

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