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Framing good composition in photography

Photography is an art form that fosters limitless creativity, enabling the creation of breathtaking and deeply artistic images. Understanding good composition technique in photography can feel overwhelming with all the technical terms and advice. Despite the complexity of theoretical knowledge, the primary focus is always on the result—creating interesting and captivating photos. Sometimes, achieving that can be done with easy techniques. Here, I’ll highlight three of them.

Three good composition techniques in photography

wedding composition photo example reflections in the evening pool

#1 Photo composition technique – use natural framing in photography.

Depending on where you’re taking your photo, your frame can be made up of various elements such as trees, flowers, leaves, staircases, splashes, or mountains. When setting up your shot, look for these details that can create a natural framing around your main subject. Framing in photography helps to highlight and draw attention to the subject, and it should ideally occupy between 30% to 50% of the main area of the frame. You’ll need to decide on the exact percentage based on your vision for the photo. Outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for different framing practices. The key is to explore your surroundings and let your imagination guide you. Don’t stay in one spot for too long; move around your subject to find the most interesting angles and natural framing methods. 

natural framing photo composition couple photoshoot
natural framing with leaves in photography
framing composition in photography

#2 Photo composition technique – Reflection.

One of my favorite photo composition techniques is to enhance a photo through reflections in water, mirrors, windows, and other reflective surfaces. Just like when looking for natural framing, it’s important to move around your subject when searching for reflections. Experiment with different angles and viewpoints. If you can’t see the reflection from where you’re standing, try taking a few steps to the left or right, adjusting your height, or changing your viewing angle. Keep exploring until you find the perfect reflection.

reflection in the mirror composition technique photography
good wedding composition photo example reflections in the evening pool
reflection good composition in photography technique
wedding composition techniques in photography

#3 Photo composition technique – Scale.

 This photo composition technique works well when photographing outdoor scenes with gorgeous architectural structures or natural landscapes. The key is to capture the vastness of the surrounding environment. The goal is to showcase the beauty of the space, creating a unique atmosphere that reflects the moment of photography. Remember that photographic subjects often appear small compared to the grandeur and scale of their surroundings.

good composition in photography technique
composition in photography examples beach photo
scale composition technique in photography example

A great engagement or wedding photoshoot results in a collection of diverse images. These range from close-up portraits to expansive landscapes. Together, they construct a compelling narrative, capturing the essence of the couple’s special moment and answering the important questions: who, where, and when.

*All pictures posted in this article were taken by Elena Sullivan founder of the ArsVie Photo Studio. You can’t copy or share these images without her permission.

Stay inspired,

Elena Sullivan 

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