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Why is trust important for a
branding photoshoot? 

When I see the dentist, I trust his knowledge and experience, and I know he will take care of my teeth and do the best job. When I go to do a haircut, I trust my hairdresser. I trust the reviews and photos when I go to a new restaurant. Regardless of how the initial trust was formed, it is an essential element of my choice. 

Last year I did a personal branding photoshoot in Mexico City for my creative project Fine Art Lifestyle. And I trusted my photographer Olga Koroleva. I found her on one of the photography websites, looked through her portfolio, contacted her, and discussed all the details. I liked her personality and the way she communicated, which created a feeling of trust. On the day of my branding photoshoot, I trusted her professional view and artistic vision. She guided me and told me where to stand, how to move, and where to go. She helped me to relax. That day I was in front of the camera, in a position of a model, posing, and I needed her professional photographer’s guidance. I turned off my photographer’s vision and creativity during that photo session. I allowed myself to enjoy being guided by a photographer I had chosen and trusted. I needed her professionalism, artistic vision, and creative outlook because I wanted the best photos. I didn’t interfere with her workflow; I just listened to her instructions, following them step by step. The result was an enjoyable and unforgettable photo session experience and photos I LOVE. 

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why is trust important in photoshoot




  • A professional photographer knows how to make you feel comfortable. 
  • An experienced photographer knows how to pose you in the most flattering way. 
  • A professional photographer knows how to work with light – one of the essential elements of a great photo.
  • An experienced photographer has a quick reaction to new surroundings. 
  • Professional photographers don’t judge – they HELP. 
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For most of my career, I have worked with people who were not professional models, didn’t know how to pose, and did a photo session for the first time. So I learned a lot in my fifteen-year career by researching and in real-life practice. I know how to make people feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, which results in an enjoyable photography session experience. 

  • An experienced photographer knows how to pose you in the most flattering way. 

Learning how to pose takes time; practicing it in real photo sessions takes even more time, determination, and dedication to photography art. This time-consuming process is needed to understand the complexity of posing and create a firm base that can be easily applied in every photoshoot. All that transfers into the experience. So, an experienced photographer knows how to work with a person in front of the camera and help them pose easily. 

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The camera captures the light using aperture and shutter speed and projects it on a digital sensor or film. If too much light reaches the sensor, a photo is overexposed, and too little light – is underexposed. And the result is the absence of a context on the photo either because it’s extremely bright or dark. The quality of light and the way it illuminates a person in front of a camera adds a lot to a character of a final image. Understanding all these aspects of light and using them to take good photos is an attribute of a professional photographer.  

  • An experienced photographer has a quick reaction to new surroundings. 

Every location (indoors or outdoors) is different. Depending on the time of the day and the light, the photographer will choose a different angle and perspective to position a model. In a new location, an experienced photographer will take less time to analyze the space and find the right perspective with the best light. That is important when the time at the location is limited. 

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  • Professional photographers don’t judge – they HELP. 

I am here to help you and take the best photo of you! For me, photography is not only business but, first of all, art and a spiritual calling. A great photo can help you feel better, elevate your self-esteem, and inspire you. And that is my spiritual goal with every photo session I do. 

My passion for photography started a long time ago with a simple Olympus camera, and it evolved over the years. At first, I was taking photos of nature and street lifestyle and trying to convey the beauty of small details that often get overlooked. Then, after graduating from University, where I got my master’s degree in art, and changing several jobs, I finally decided to dedicate myself fully to photography. Fifteen years of doing professional sessions (nine of them in Cancun, Mexico; visit my Caribbean gallery) made me realize one important thing – TRUST is crucial in photography and every other business. 


How to choose branding photographer? 

Apart from their portfolio, look at their About page and social media (Instagram, YouTube) and make sure you like their personality. It’s easier to feel comfortable with a photographer you like on a personal level. Yes, price is also important, and we all have a specific budget for marketing, advertising, photo sessions, copywriting, branding, and other business needs. But you don’t do branding photoshoots daily. So, isn’t it better to invest in someone you like, trust and later feel content with your photos? Trust yourself in making the right choice. 

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