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Whether I am working or traveling, I love taking photos. Creating visual stories and powerful images is a never-ending creative challenge.

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Creative Adventurer

I flew halfway across the world with a one-way ticket and built a photography business in a country where I didn’t speak a language. Yeah! 

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“Sharing is caring,” and I apply that in my online education: comprehensive knowledge and practical advice based on my personal experience.

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Taking photos

Since 2007

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Your boundless intelligence, empathy, and desire to bring your services to help others deserve a powerful visual representation: branding photos. And I am here to help you stand in front of the camera gracefully and effortlessly and enjoy becoming the brand ambassador of your own business.

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I've been a photographer for fifteen years and specialized in weddings, engagements, and family sessions. Several years ago, I shifted towards underwater, individual portraits, and boudoir photography. That brought me the understanding that I can provide more value by doing individual photo sessions.
Elena Sullivan
CEO & Founder of arsvie photo studio

One of my best friends is a life coach & radio host Alma Gonzalez. The first time we met, she already had a strong brand message but was struggling with the visual side of her business and showing her personality online. I believe what she does is amazing, and I wanted to help her by taking photos that show her beauty and the genuine essence of her coaching program. 

one day, while we were enjoying
coffee & tiramisu, I offered to do
a branding photoshoot for her.

She was hesitant because she never did one, and it took her several weeks to agree. However, it became an exciting and open-minded experience for her and opened up a whole new way of showing up online. Her positive feedback made me realize that with my photography experience and communication style, I can help other solo entrepreneurs and online business owners to have a joyful and effortless photo session experience. That result in meaningful, artistic, and high-end quality photos. And so it began…

After that, I did several branding photoshoots where I was asked to help with styling and image consultation. Every outfit proportionally used with accessories can remix the general vibes and add a necessary character to the image. So, using my knowledge of art, passion for personal style, and experience building an appealing visual picture, I started taking branding photos for everyone looking to grow their business and build a personal brand.

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I love what I do and I am here for you

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Throughout the changes I’ve encountered in my adult life, I stay true to my artistic background, adventurous spirit, compassionate communication, and bring elements of art and joy in every photography session. 

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Improving your business requires a personal growth

Positive change is transformation and growth. Branding photos can become a meaningful change that your business needs to expand. Allow yourself to shine in front of the camera, and that light will attract the people who need it to grow. 

Life is about an exchange of knowledge, light, and love. We share what we have so others can grow, and we receive it back as a gentle kiss from the Universe. 

Your personal branding photos are a soft touch of glamour that invigorates and infuses you with the courage and confidence needed to move forward in your business.

From flip-flops to heels

 I’d done my search for personal style and had a journey from “flip-flops to heels.” My life-changing year when I traveled halfway around the world with a one-way ticket, one suitcase, a camera and landed in a country where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language changed my perception of life’s values. There is so much to learn while going through a change and experiencing uncertainty. I love sharing my knowledge & experience. This is one of the reasons I created the “Fine Art Lifestyle” blog, dancing with stories about joy and laughter, tears and frustration, love & hugs, break-ups, and the search for happiness.

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The power of the image

90% of what the brain consumes is visual, and 

images are processed 60,000 times faster than text

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I'm Elena sullivan

The founder of the ArsVie photo studio, a personal branding photographer, online educator, passionate about art, women in business cheerleader, color enthusiast and a devotee of all things beautiful.

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