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Flying Dress photoshoot

ALpharetta, Atlanta, Roswell and beyond

Flying Dress

An elegant and vibrant photoshoot 

with a powerful intention

flying dress photoshoot Atlanta Georgia
flying dress photoshoot in Atlanta
flying dress photoshoot Alpharetta
flying dress photoshoot in Alpharetta

A flying dress photo shoot

is a break from the everyday hustle, an invitation to an exquisite feminine world where dreaming is a healthy everyday habit that fuels your spirit.

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A Flying dress photoshoot is for you when ...

“To have beautiful lips, say beautiful things. To have beautiful eyes, look at people and see the good in them.”

to feel beautiful, 

 engage in beautiful experiences

arsvie photo studio

Who is behind the camera? 

I’m Elena, a trilingual creative photographer with fifteen years of experience. Photography, for me, is art, devotion, and a source of inspiration. In my career, I’ve been through good and bad times, with moments when I promised myself never to touch a camera again. But I kept getting back on track because, as it often happens in life, someone will show up and help you stand up when you fall down doing good deeds. And in my photography business, very often, it was a wonderful client (a woman, couple, or family) who, with their words, sincere gratitude, and appreciation, helped me to see the light and meaning of my work again.

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fuscia flying dress in Atlanta
emerald green flying dress
dark fucsia flying dress
yellow flying dress Atlanta

A flying dress photo session

is an allegory of all things feminine. It is elegant, bright, creative, charming, graceful, inspiring, and cheerful.

flying dress with Elena Sullivan the power of the dress

arsvie photo studio

The power of the dress

Some of my friends asked me: “How did you find flying dresses?” My first response was always the same, short and up to the point: “I didn’t find flying dresses; they found me.” I did my first flying dress photoshoot in 2017, with one of my friends and a green flying dress I sow specifically for that photosession. (Yes! Sewing is my hobby), but that year, I wasn’t ready to embrace the full potential of a flying dress, and the dress got lost along with the idea. It remerged in 2021 when I officially presented empowering flying dress photoshoot experience on my website and coined the term “The Power of the Dress”, which now extended into the podcast “Trust the Dress.” It came as a response to my own healing process after the second divorce that happened in 2020. By helping other women feel beautiful and empowered and seeing positive feedback, I was able to reignite my creative self. 

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

purple flying dress photoshoot
red flying dress in Atlanta
turquoise flying dress Atlanta
orange flying dress photoshoot

Redefine beauty standards ...

With this flying dress photoshoot, I hope to help redefine beauty standards and show that professional photosessions are reserved NOT only for celebrities, those who get in touch with them, influencers, and businesses. A photo session is for every person, every woman who wants to step out of the shadow and shine, feel beautiful, stop hiding and infuse more confidence in herself. Flying dress photoshoot is a physical experience with results far beyond tangible appreciation. It can change your mindset and help you see your real beauty, destroy the invisible cage built by unrealistic beauty standards, and add elegant and artistic vibes to your life.

ArsVie studio

redifine beauty standaards

ArsVie photo studio


Never growth happens in a comfort zone; only when we step outside, do uncomfortable things, and get involved in new experiences do we grow, learn and evolve. 

women empowerment flying dress

arsvie photo studio

With a flying dress photoshoot I want to help you...

Flying dress real stories


Meet brave women who showed up despite the obstacles and fear of being judged by others

lee in flying dress

meet & read about

nicole in flying dress

meet & read about

alma in flying dress

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four women flying dress

meet & read about

renee and mom flying dress

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yellow dress flying

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“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

flying dress Paola Guzman

Paola Guzman, writer, and co-founder of RadioPassion Us

“The power of women in a dress! Yesterday I had a wonderful, refreshing, fun, and great inner work experience. Override the judgments of others, connect with my femininity, feel beautiful just for me. Thanks to my friend and fellow broadcaster Alma Gonzalez, coach, and the great photographer Elena Sullivan for making me smile and love myself for a whole day that is undoubtedly unforgettable. Beauty standards are so relative; in the end, the only valid opinion is that of ourselves. Let yourself flow and accept experiences without expectations. Letting the moment itself surprise you is very beautiful. When you feel happy you project it, you radiate light. People on the street took pictures of us and even asked us to pose with them. I thought, how crazy if it’s just me, a mature woman in a flying dress.”

photos Alma Gonzalez flying dress

Alma Gonzalez, life coach “ama tu cuerpo con alma”

“True beauty is the essence of the soul, the reflection of a mix between the light and shadow. Connecting with both sides, transcending those judgments, and having the courage to be themselves regardless of the opinion of others was an act of love that we shared, flying in our dresses to our being.

Love, on the other hand, is an exchange of essences, moments, and experiences, sometimes motivated by an inevitable impulse that leads you to do things that you never thought you would do in your life. Like walking in the main square of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, hand in hand with other women who want to be free, just like the freedom that fills the magical wings of every flying dress.”

alishas blue flying dress

Alisha Hillman

“It’s the 3 P’s for me!!! Elena is prompt, professional & personable! I wanted to capture our first vacation together by creating professional photo memories, from the moment I emailed Elena I knew I made the right decision by hiring her. She arranged for our round trip transportation (hotel pick-up, photoshoot locations & return to hotel).
We throughly enjoyed our photo session! I loved how she keep the lines of communication open and transparent from start to finish. I would definitely highly recommend using Elena as your photographer.”

ArsVie packages

Flying dress photography

Le début package

$ 490
  • for 1 person only
  • initial consultation 
  • 1 hour Photo session
  • 15 digital images
  • slow-mo videos

* Prices are subject to change at any time

La Prime Package

$ 980
  • for group of 2 max.
  • initial consultation 
  • 2 hours photo session
  • 30 digital images
  • slow-mo videos




Get ready to be inspired as I discuss how staying curious, being creative, and saying “YES!” to adventures that involve exploring what’s behind the comfort zone helps develop courage, embrace one’s true self, and navigate life’s challenges.

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Flying Dress rental

Atlanta, Alpharetta, Buchkead, Roswell and surrounding area

The FAQ's

I live in Alpharetta, GA, and am open to travel 30 miles within it.  

My in-office hours are MON-FRI, 9 AM-6 PM EST. You can expect a reply within 24 hours. If we have a photoshoot scheduled on the weekend, I will stay in touch; please don’t worry!

I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University of Culture and Art with a Master’s Degree in Art in 2005. Since then, photography has become my vocation, filling my creative life with boundless possibilities for growth and fulfillment.

I work with high-end Nikon photo cameras and lenses. I must admit I am one of the biggest fans of this photo company!

My primary location is Alpharetta, GA. I also do flying dress photoshoots in Atlanta, Buckhead, Roswell, Cumming, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, and anywhere 30 miles within Alpharetta. 

A flying dress photoshoot can be done outdoors or indoors in a photo studio.

Do you want a more comfortable and private location? We can organize a flying dress photoshoot at your house in the backyard if space allows. Contact ArsVie photo studio for details. 

Yes, all travel expenses are based on the distance between Alpharetta, GA, and a chosen photoshoot location. The following destinations are subject to flat fees:

Atlanta – $80

Roswell – $40

Milton – $40

Cumming – $50

Sandy Springs – $50

Johns Creek – $50

Travel fees will be added to the total sum of the photoshoot.

Can’t find your destination location? Contact me for details. 

Flying dress photoshoot packages include the rent of one dress. It creates a balanced timeline between putting on and adjusting the dress, guided posing and several breaks in between, communication with a photographer, and recording slow-mo videos. All with the goal of helping you enjoy the photoshoot, feel inspired by wearing a flying dress, and get the best experience. However, if you like to rent a second dress, it costs $100 and will require 30 minutes extra of a photoshoot.

I have 1 hour and 2 hours flying dress photoshoot packages. The difference is the number of locations, poses, and final digital images. 

1-hour package includes two photoshoot spots (backgrounds) within one location, five poses, and 15 digital, edited photos.

2 hours package – 4 photoshoot spots (backgrounds) within one location, eight poses, 30 digital, edited photos.

I have a collection of 27 flying dresses of different colors: red, royal blue, emerald green, light green, yellow, orange, turquoise, fuchsia, coral, bronze, light pink, and lavender. 

Flying dresses are easily adjustable, and one dress fits several sizes. My collection of flying dresses covers all sizes from XS – XXL but NOT every dress is available in every size. It may happen that the dress you like is unavailable for your size, so please check out my digital brochure (emailed upon your request), where I showcase all the available dresses and sizes.  

After initial communication, I will email you a digital brochure showcasing all available dresses and their sizes. Take your time to look through it and decide on the dress that resonates with you the most. Choosing the dress is a matter of personal choice and a goal you’ve established for your flying dress photoshoot. Do you want ultimate empowerment? Red is a good option. Are you looking to infuse your life with royal vibes? Choose fuchsia or purple. Want some serenity and peacefulness? Lavender or royal blue will help you with that. Color psychology offers a broader understanding of how to pick the color that matches your dreams and aspirations. 

I have an assistant who helps me during every flying dress photoshoot. She helps to fly the dress, moving it in a necessary direction and accommodating every part of it when needed. On the days when it’s windy, the dress flies easier, supported by the puffs of wind. But no matter the mercy of the weather, every flying dress will stand for its description; it will fly. 

Yes, absolutely! I love helping women with posing and showing up in front of a camera with confidence. Flying dress photoshoot is limited in the number of poses so you won’t feel overwhelmed. I’ll show you how to stand, hold the dress, move your hands and body, and I will also keep kindly reminding you that you are the Queen in your life and deserve the best. Think of a flying dress as your silent, colorful assistant on your journey of empowering yourself. And I will be there for you to guide you through the posing process and turn it into a fun and easy activity.

Yes, we can schedule to meet so you can try on a dress. That’s an extra service that costs $100+TAX for a 30 min session and is available only in Alpharetta, GA. 

Yes, you can choose any flying dress from my digital brochure and rent it for your personal photoshoot. One dress rental is $100+TAX (nonrefundable) and a $400 deposit, which is refunded after you return the dress. The rental service is available in Alpharetta, GA. 

No, these services are not included, but I know amazing makeup and hair stylists who I trust will do a great job for you. Send me a short note saying, “Elena, I need your recommendations for hair and makeup artists,” and I’ll answer with their contacts. 

No. Flying dress photoshoots from ArsVie photo studio is an individual experience. I prioritize communication and the artistry of photography, striving to bring a beautiful, empowering photoshoot experience. And it requires time, attention, and friendly communication. Focusing on one person allows for more in-depth dialogues and gives me enough time to add a personal touch to every photo. 

I deliver digital images within three weeks of your photo session date. If you are in a rush, I offer a priority editing service of $ 250 for a four days turnaround.

Yes, high-quality prints and photo books (photo albums) are available in different sizes. I have a special digital brochure with a detailed description and pricing that I will email you upon request. After you receive digital photos of your flying dress photoshoot, choose the ones you wish to perpetuate in professional prints and email me the numbers. I’m always happy to help you choose the best photos for your prints. 

After we set up the date, location, and time the next step will be to sign a contract and pay a 50% nonrefundable retainer. The final balance is due two-three days before the photoshoot. 

I highly recommend booking your photoshoot three-four weeks in advance. This ensures you get the desired date and have enough time to prepare for your flying dress photoshoot. 

After we set up the date, location, and time the next step will be to sign a contract and pay a nonrefundable retainer. Always read the contract and ASK ME any questions! The final balance is due two-three days before the photoshoot. 

As of 2024, I don’t offer any destination flying dress photoshoots, although I plan on organizing some in the nearest future. Sign up for my newsletter to stay updated, and once the booking is open, you’ll be the first one on the list to be notified. 

I did empowering flying dress photoshoot in Cancun, where I lived for nine years. Want to get inspired by Caribbean vibes with flying dresses? Click the following link.

Return clients will always receive 10% off any photo package. 

I take on a limited number of collaborations yearly. When choosing, I prioritize the brand’s visual aesthetics (it should also match my audience) and authentic engagement. 

I love sharing photos and stories of my clients on my website so that others can get inspired by their example. I believe inspiration and beautiful images should be shared to spread positive vibes that can lift other women’s spirits. Do you agree that our world needs more elegance, beauty, and encouragement? Then, let’s make that happen. I also retain the copyright to the photos and the right to use them for promotional materials, competitions, professional reviews, and so on. However, if, for some personal reason, you would like to avoid your photos being published on any of my platforms, notify me about it in advance. Although I would feel sad about it, I respect your privacy and won’t publish any of them. 

No, a photographer (artist) retains the copyright for all photos. In my case, it’s me, Elena Sullivan, owner, and lead photographer at ArsVie photo studio. Copyright means that I’m the creator of the photos, and I own the copyright. Selling and obtaining the copyright is impossible, but you can print and share your photos as much as you like. 

You can publish photos on your social media and websites, include them in personal videos, print them, and use them for personal business marketing and advertising campaigns. However, you can’t sell photos for profit. And suppose you want to use them in magazines, newspapers, or other print media. In that case, you must notify me via email, get my written permission and mention my photo studio and photographer’s name alongside every photo.

During five-ten days after your photoshoot, I’ll cull down your photos, do a basic retouch to selected ones and upload them to your private gallery. From this amount, you can choose the number included in your package or upgrade to all the images I show in the gallery. I don’t display all unedited (RAW) images.

I ask that you select your photos within 1 week of your gallery delivery. 

After you select the photos, I will do a final retouch during the following 10-15 days.

The photos will be delivered to your email with a link to your online gallery. From there, you can download your photos with the provided PIN, share the link with friends/family, and share on social media. You will have access to the gallery for one month. Make sure to download the photos within that time frame.

There is a $100 replacement charge for additional downloads after the gallery has been deleted. I keep a copy of your photos for 1 year, after which they are permanently deleted. I strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the download when you receive it from me.

The RAW images from your gallery are available for purchase at the total price of your photoshoot. 

My goal is to edit your images as close to how it was on the day of the photoshoot. This includes a color correction to look natural, your skin tones look great, and the colors sing. I avoid thick vintage or faded presets and take an editorial approach with a slight touch of the film feel to make your photos timeless.

No, the high-resolution images don’t have any watermarks. 

Yes, we can during a business week, MON-FRI, 9 AM-6 PM EST.

You can reschedule within two months of your originally booked date if you tested positive for COVID-19 before the photoshoot date. I have included a COVID rescheduling and cancellation policy in my contract. The retainer is nonrefundable. 

When planning for a photoshoot outdoors, we can control everything, apart from the weather. The only way to predict it is by following the weather forecast, which sometimes gives inaccurate information; nevertheless, I use it to plan outdoor photoshoots. If it shows 80% of rain in the area of a photoshoot, we can reschedule in the next 2-3 weeks. When the radar shows 60% or less, I recommend following our initial plan. Luck helps and smiles at brave and courageous!

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And so it begins...

It all starts with an inquiry! I have an easy-to-use contact form on this website where you can fill out basic information and press submit. Yes! We’re one step closer to working together. Now give me 24 hours to read your email and respond. 

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