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Instagram Business for Photographers

Instagram has undergone significant changes since it was first introduced. Initially, it served as a platform where users worldwide shared photos. However, it has evolved into a diverse mix of both photos and videos, with the introduction of features like Reels. While videos now seem to take priority, Instagram still provides space for photographers to showcase their work within this multimedia landscape.

The foundation of this immensely popular social network lies in the innovative minds of two Stanford graduates, K. Systrom and M. Krieger. In October 2010, they developed the Instagram application, initially available solely for iOS users. Two years later, an Android version was introduced. The user statistics reflect its exponential growth:

  • December 2010: 1 million users
  • December 2014: 300 million users
  • December 2017: 600 million users
  • December 2023: over 1.5 billion users

Instagram Business For Photographers

instagram promotion for photographers

The significant increase in Instagram’s user base is truly remarkable, and it continues to grow steadily. A pivotal moment in the network’s trajectory occurred with Meta’s (formerly Facebook) acquisition of Instagram in April 2012. 

The debate over the app’s value for photography businesses and art is ongoing. While some praise its benefits, others complain and finally leave the platform. I believe that maintaining an active presence on Instagram and posting consistently, ideally 3-4 times per week, is crucial for seeing results. While Instagram hasn’t been my primary source of client inquiries, I make an effort to update my feed regularly.

Pause for a moment and consider this: 63% of Instagram users are females. Now, think about who most frequently seeks the services of photographers and enjoys being photographed the most. The answer is clear: women. With such a large female presence on the platform, there’s a wealth of potential clients for your photography business.

instagram for photographers
Intagram business start

I’ve often heard a common phrase from my clients: “I’m an avid Instagrammer!” This means they spend most of their social media time on Instagram rather than platforms like Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. And where there’s a potential client, there’s an opportunity to sell your service. 

Instagram is an excellent additional tool for photographers to promote and advertise their services and art. It’s crucial to remember that Instagram is a free application, making it even more valuable as an advertising platform. By consistently updating your profile with new photos and Reels and using relevant hashtags in their descriptions, you can effectively attract clients to your photography website and business.

Best Hashtags on Instagram for photography

Hashtags, indicated by the symbol #, serve as a tagging mechanism on social networks, aiding in the search for specific information. Any word, phrase, or symbol preceded by # becomes a hashtag. These tags are necessary for potential clients to discover you on Instagram. To maximize their impact, incorporate relevant hashtags directly into your post captions or comments. Take the time to research popular and niche hashtags that resonate with your content and target audience. Below, I’ve made a list of the most popular hashtags for photographers.

Here’s a list of popular hashtags for photographers on Instagram:

  • #photography
  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday
  • #instaphoto
  • #instagood
  • #photoshoot
  • #portraitphotography
  • #landscapephotography
  • #streetphotography
  • #travelphotography
  • #naturephotography
  • #weddingphotography
  • #portrait
  • #photoart
  • #blackandwhitephotography
  • #visualart
  • #artofvisuals
  • #creativephotography
  • #photographylovers
  • #capture_today
look for hashtags on instagram
instagram hashtags for photographers

Some hashtags for family photographers on Instagram:

  1. #familyphotography
  2. #familyphotoshoot
  3. #familyportrait
  4. #childphotography
  5. #kidphotography
  6. #momentscaptured
  7. #loveandlaughter
  8. #treasuredmoments
  9. #capturejoy
  10. #cherishedmemories
  11. #familylove
  12. #happyfamily
  13. #familyfun
  14. #makingmemories
  15. #bondingtime
  16. #preciousmoments
  17. #parentingmoments
  18. #documentinglife
  19. #candidfamily
  20. #beautifulfamilies
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photography marketing on instagram

Hashtags for wedding photographers on Instagram:

  1. #weddingphotography
  2. #weddingphotographer
  3. #brideandgroom
  4. #bridalphotography
  5. #weddingday
  6. #weddinginspiration
  7. #bridalportrait
  8. #loveauthentic
  9. #ido
  10. #happilyeverafter
  11. #weddingmoments
  12. #realweddings
  13. #weddingdetails
  14. #theknot
  15. #weddingideas
  16. #weddingstyle
  17. #weddingseason
  18. #weddingphotojournalism
  19. #weddingdayjoy
  20. #capturelove

If you are a landscape photographer showcasing your art on Instagram, consider using these hashtags:

  1. #landscapephotography
  2. #landscape_captures
  3. #naturephotography
  4. #landscapelovers
  5. #earthpix
  6. #naturelovers
  7. #exploretheglobe
  8. #outdoorphotography
  9. #scenicview
  10. #wildernessculture
  11. #mountainview
  12. #skyline
  13. #adventurephotography
  14. #beautifuldestinations
  15. #travelgram
  16. #natgeoyourshot
  17. #discoverearth
  18. #sunset_lovers
  19. #dawnpatrol
  20. #wanderlust

Stay inspired,

Elena Sullivan 

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Whether you’re refining your target market or just starting, this guide will equip you with the clarity needed to create marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with those who appreciate your creativity and photography style.

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